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Mrs. Shook's 8th Grade Math Page

Daily Schedule (TBA for 17-18 School Year)
EA 1                7:40-8:22
Core 1             8:25-9:45
Core 2             9:47-11:17
Lunch 1          11:20-11:45 (Team Platinum)
Lunch 2          11:25-11:50 (Team Titanium)
Core 3            11:55-1:15
WIN                1:15-1:55
EA 2               1:59-2:40
Supply List for 8th Grade as a Whole

Curriculum and Informational Resources
Khan Academy 8th grade link
iXL link below (sign-in at the top right corner of the screen after clicking the link. Each student will be given their own log in information{username & password}. If you would like specific standards you need to improve on as a student or as a parent you would like to request standards your student needs to work on for improvement please contact me)
Important Dates (field trips, Progress Reports/Report Cards, Quarterly Assessments, etc.)
District Calendar 17-18 link 

Recent Posts

Chromebook Station for Thursday August 31st


Pick a partner and using one Chromebook Check out the following Links.

Remember your expectations!

  1. Be actively participating
  2. You may listen to music with headphones, as long as, the music/youtube videos are not on the screen and causing a distraction. If this becomes a problem you will recieve a demerit and priviledges will be revoked.
  3. Ask for help if you have any issues or need explanations
  4. Do Your Best!

Connect Four For Partners. You will play as:

  • Two-Step Problems

How much is a smile worth? See if you can figure out how much money a smile is worth in this equations Brain Teaser 

Korean War & DC Virtual Tour

The Korean War & DC Virtual Tour

  • Use the Introduction and video from the first link and the information from the second link to answer the following questions. Make sure you copy the questions in your notebook:
    • Unfortunately, the Korean War has also earned the name “____________” because it happened to fall between ___________________and _________________, two wars that drew far ______________________________________________.
    • Describe the Korean War Memorial
    • What does the phrase “Freedom is not Free” mean to you?
    • What is the difference between the Memorial wall and the field of action?


  • Using what you have learned about the Korean War write a poem/rap/letter (minimum of 15 lines) using 1 of each of following parts of figurative language:
    • Simile
    • Metaphor
    • Personification
    • Alliteration/Assonance
    • Hyperbole
    • Onomatopoeia
    • Idioms


If you finish early continue your tour of the DC memorials using the links below:

  • Use the link to answer the following questions. Make sure you copy the questions in your notebook:
    • The Vietnam War was one of ____________________________ in the history of the United States
    • Describe the Vietnam memorial and its criteria

Check out the WWII memorial using the link above

Check out other monuments from DC using the link above and the destinations links of the right side of the page when it comes up:

  • Capital
  • White House
  • Washington Monument
  • Lincoln Memorial

When you Finish the Survey


If you owe any work TODAY is your day! Get it Done

If you are done and all caught up explore the links below:



Interactive Map: Explore Main Events and Places of the Cold War


How well do you know the Rosenberg’s: Rosenberg Quiz


Cold War at a Glance Quizlet: Study the flashcards to pick up Cold War Events. Then test out your knowledge playing the Quizlet games!


Are you a Spy: Test your Soviet Union Knowledge


Check out your Bill of rights knowledge by Restoring the Bill of Rights in the town linked



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Phone:  (828) 464-4221  ext.  118
Homework Link Below: