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Newton-Conover Middle School
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World Music Drumming

Course Description

This year will be like none other I’ve ever taught and to be honest, I don’t really know much. 

Here’s what I do know: my students will learn. 


They will learn about...

  • Music from other cultures, which leads to understanding people who are different from you. 
  • How to demonstrate drumming techniques and rhythms
  • Important life skills such as team work, cooperation, focus, and how to listen to each other. 

What will the Classes be like? 

World Music Drumming classes will be small. Students will receive in-person instruction 2 days a week and remote instruction 3 days a week. 

We will be using the large auditorium space for our in-person lessons so that we can have plenty of room to distance ourselves. 

Procedures are subject to change as our Covid safety protocols change. 

This year will be about grace, flexibility, safety, and learning. Lots of learning. 

School Email:

You can email me any time you like and I will get back to you ASAP.


School Phone in the Music Room: 828-464-4221, Ext 268

Call the school number and I’ll answer if I’m in the music room and available. Leave a message if it is after hours or if I’m teaching a class. 


Mobile School Google Phone Number: 828-468-8829

Use my Google number during reasonable hours only, please! I won’t answer really early in the morning, if I’m in class, in the evenings, or on weekends. 

Grades are averaged from three areas:                              

40%-In-person rehearsals 

20%-Online Engagement (weekly grade based on Canvas activity)

40%-Assessments and Assignments


If Newton-Conover City Schools reverts to ALL remote learning at any time in the quarter:

40%-Online Engagement (weekly grade based upon Canvas activity)

60%-Assessments and Assignments

Parents, I HIGHLY suggest that you join your child's Canvas page so you can see the work he/she is doing in class and during remote learning.