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Newton-Conover Middle School
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Meet Mrs.McGill

WELCOME to Computer Science Discoveries!

Computer Science Discoveries is an introduction to computer science as a vehicle for problem- solving communication and personal expression. Six grade students' primary focus is learning vocabulary and the steps of the problem-solving process.  Seventh grade and eighth grade students’ focus on vocabulary, the application of the problem-solving process in everyday life and web content with html . Field trips, career speakers, videos and coding games are strategies in this course . All students learn to be creative, while completing activities, using fun apps and websites. Current events are a must, with ever-changing  technologies. The curriculum is all online in a user-friendly platform.

Listed below is my schedule. Thanks for your interests, and please contact me if you have questions.


7:53-8:58 8th Grade

9:01- 10:06 7th Grade

10:09-10:52 WIN

10:55-12:34 Lunch/ Lunch Duty

12:37-1:42 6 Grade

1:45-2:50 Planning



About Computer Science Classes
The Computer Science classes are offered to middle school to help them to start to think about the career path early in the career path. wants every student to be aware that computer science is for everyone as we work to educate 21st-century learners.    It is important that each student be present every day with chrome books and focus on their classwork assignments.