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Welcome Message


On behalf of the faculty and staff of Newton-Conover Middle School, we would like to welcome each of you.  We are pleased you will be attending our school this year.

It is our goal to make middle school an interesting and exciting experience.  We would encourage each of you to work up to your full potential and be the very best student that you can be.  No matter how hard your parents and teacher may try, you are really the one who has control over how well you do in school and in life.

If you are to have a good educational experience this year, it will be necessary for you to become familiar with our school policies and to abide by them.  The administration and faculty are here to help you. We make every effort to be as fair and consistent as we possibly can. With your help and consideration, I feel sure that together we can make this a terrific school year.  

You belong here!

Dr. Donna J. Heavner


Innovate, Collaborate, Inspire.

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Dr. Donna Heavner
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