Attraction Book

S: Attractions Dining and Value Guide

We are kicking off our Attractions Coupon Book fundraiser Tuesday, October 12th. 

Each student will be bringing home an order taker envelope, and a brochure listing all of the great savings in the Attractions Coupon book.  The cost of each book is $20 and we earn a great profit on each book sold.  Many of us have used these books and found them to be of great value.

Attractions is money saving coupon book with over $4,000 in local savings.  One or two uses easily pays for the book.  Our local businesses have put the valuable offers in the book to help support local schools, and to encourage visits to their business.  

This fundraiser will help supplement teacher supplies, support school curricula with events and activities, campus beautification; cultural events with opportunities for parent involvement; dances for the students, and much more.  Please encourage our students and families to shoot for the stars!  Our goal is to raise $5,000.  
Orders will be filled quickly, and we have prizes to help us reach our goal:


Each person who sells at least one book gets a candy bar. 

The top 5 sellers in each grade level get to PIE AN ADMINISTRATOR.

The TOP SELLING HOMEROOM gets an afternoon of FREE TIME and a TREAT.

Grand Prize (one winner from each grade level): Limo Ride with a friend to a pizza buffet for lunch.

Thank you for your help with this important project.