The NCMS PRIDE (Promoting Recognition for Individual Dedication to Excellence) program rewards students for outstanding performance in academics, attendance, and attitude. Students qualify for PRIDE by maintaining high academic averages or improving past averages, attending school regularly and arriving for school on time, and avoiding disciplinary referrals to the office. Rewards and incentives for PRIDE students are provided throughout the semester and include early dismissal from school, free and/or reduced admissions to school athletic events, cookouts, ice cream parties, coupons from local businesses, t-shirts, and other prizes.

 In order to qualify for P.R.I.D.E. students will need to meet the following criteria

1. Academics

  • Gold Card: semester average of 90 or above

  • Silver Card: semester average of 80 or above

2. Attendance

  • No more than 5 absences for the semester

  • No more than 5 unexcused tardies for the semester