Bus Information

For questions about NCMS buses, please contact Mrs. Jennifer Greene at 828-464-4221.

Bus Rules

  • Remain seated (bottom to bottom, back to back) in your assigned seat at all times.

  • All parts of the body must remain inside the bus at all times.  

  • Passengers must never use profane or inappropriate language.

  • Vapes, tobacco, controlled substances, drug paraphernalia or alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the bus.

  • Students should not throw objects on the bus or from the bus or try to attract the attention of others outside the bus.

  • No food, drink, or gum allowed on the bus.

  • Passengers should not be loud or boisterous nor should they distract the driver’s attention in any way.

  • Passengers must never tamper with the emergency door or any other part of the bus.

  • Passengers must never damage the bus in any way.  

  • If personal belongings are carried, they should be kept on the lap or put under the seat.  Arms and legs must be kept out of the aisle at all times.

  • In the morning, students are expected to be at their assigned bus stop at least 5 – 10 minutes before the bus normally arrives.  Students who are not at their stop when the driver arrives may be left behind.  Consideration is given to extreme weather days (rain, extreme cold, etc.).  

  • Students are only allowed to be picked up and dropped off at their assigned stops. 

  • Additional bus guidelines and rules may be assigned as needed by the bus driver. 

*No one is permitted on a bus except students assigned to that bus or authorized school system employees.  Any contact with the driver from a parent or non-school employee should be made through the principal’s office.  Any person boarding a bus without express permission from the principal is subject to prosecution for trespassing.  Reference:  G.S.115C-245; 115C-339.